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i want to sleEP

Go to sleep and don’t spend all night on tumblr tonight


i want to sleEP

Go to sleep and don’t spend all night on tumblr tonight

please please just let it go 

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Just wanted to let you know how lovely and amazing you are <3

aww thank you gabrielle! you are doing a great job with acting as well you make me want to cry during down the barrel. 

Art Trip

Here are the galleries I wish to vist: 

The one intrest me because of the ideas behind the artist. The show is called Deep Wood Drive by Tom Burr. He used materials from his childhood to create this eerie space. The space looks interesting and it relates somewhat to what I am doing. He is transforming a space to the viewer and he is looking on childhood memories. My piece this term is about friendship and I am using my memories to help shape and I want to see what this artist does with it.

This show called Still by Ryan McNamara interest me because of the process he used. He had people come in give him an object the first few week of the exhibit than in a week he used it to make these sculptures. I want to see how he used the objects people gave him to make art since I would like to incorporate object into my final piece with the bracelets.

The next show I want to see is Ruby Anemics You Can’t Have it All. I was attracted to the show by the images on the website and how it was inspired by the word around him. There not too much of a connection but I might be able to learn how to pull ideas from the friends around me for my final show

I also am going to see Friend’s Bones, by Kristof Wickman and Chadwick Augustine. They took every day objects and transformed them into new shapes. I want to see how they took simple things and made them into pieces of art. Since I am using a common object I want to see how I can transform it and this show might help me get ideas.

The next show I am going to go to is Divided by Zero which is done by Peter Gregorio, Jong Oh, Esperanza Mayobre. I can not seem to find a lot on this show since it just opened yesterday but the title sounds cool and I like a little mystery.

Bracelets Bracelets Bracelets and more Bracelets